About Us

Founder and Visionary

Smart for Life® was founded by Doctor Sasson Moulavi in 2002. Doctor "Sass" is a Bariatric Doctor and one of only 100 Bariatric Fellows in the United States. When the doctor suffered from obesity, he vowed to recover from this chronic disease and provide long-term solutions for his patients. Smart for Life was born out of his experience overcoming obesity. Today, the doctor is an avid kite surfer, a father and actively helping patients.

Smart for Life is a comprehensive weight management program that helps you improve the way you eat, the way you feel and the way you live. Our meal replacements were designed to control your hunger and providing you with highest-level nutrition.They are made with natural, mostly organic ingredients, which are scientifically formulated to be a perfect balance of fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates that help naturally suppress your appetite – absolutely no chemicals, pesticides or toxic preservatives.

All of Smart for Life's products are all natural and non-GMOs, 0g Trans Fat, and 0g Cholesterol. In order to preserve the taste and quality of ingredients, all our meal replacements are minimally processed at our award-winning bakery.

Think Small

Scientific and medical research has clearly shown that eating small, multiple meals with at least five grams of protein, the right amount of complex carbohydrates, and the right fats is the proper way to eat. This will not only help your weight, but also improve your health. By eating small, multiple meals, you’ll train your body to remain in the fat-burning zone.

Our Products Make It Easy

This can be accomplished by eating one cookie every two to three hours, six times a day, or by eating the equivalent in protein bars, shakes, or soups, followed by a dinner consisting of lean protein and green, leafy vegetables.