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Taste Kit

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    Looking for a Grab & Go Snack? Smart for Life has you covered!
    Looking to lose weight? Smart for Life has you covered!

    Before creating your own Smart for Life Package, taste and decide what is the Smart move for your taste buds!

    Become Smart for Life after ordering your SFL Taste Kit!

    What all is included you may ask?

    In this Smart for Life Taste Testing Kit, you get the chance to try 7 of our favorite flavored individually wrapped Smart cookies, including two new vegan options! AND... WHO DOESN'T LOVE a good meal replacing protein bar (under 200 calories low sugar)!? That's right no one! This kit includes 8 of our protein-packed Protein Bars!

    To top it off we threw in our meal replacing soup (Momma's Chicken Noodle)

    In every order, you will find a pamphlet with more information on Smart for Life Programs & Products.

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