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Weight Loss Supplements Bundle [Hunger Block, BurnCor, & Probiotic] 210 CT.

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    Our Weight Loss Supplement Bundle contains three of our best selling supplements designed to maximize your results on the Smart for Life program.* The bundle includes one bottle of each of the following weight loss supplements; Hunger Block (30 Ct.), BurnCor (120 Ct.), and Probiotic Detox 50 Billion CFU High Survivability (60 Ct.).


    Hunger Block

    • BLOCK CRAVINGS* - cravings are one of the biggest reasons people cheat on their diets. With Hungerblock, you’ll be helping stop nasty sugar cravings that can end up with you derailing your diet.
    • CONTROL HUNGER* – our natural formula helps control hunger for a full day so you can diet without struggle.


    • ENHANCE INSULIN PROCESS* - a hormone critical to not only the storage of carbs, fat, and protein in the body but also for your metabolism.
    • PROVIDE IDEAL ENVIRONMENT TO LOSE WEIGHT* - boosts metabolism, suppresses appetite, increases serotonin levels, and supports vitamin A antioxidant.

    Probiotic 50 Billion CFU High Survivability

    •  IMPROVE GUT HEALTH* - balances friendly bacteria in your digestive system, prevents & treats diarrhea, and reduces symptoms of digestive disorders.
    • PREBIOTIC INFUSED - our supplement contains Inulin powder, a soluble fiber that acts as a prebiotic, ensuring the survivability of the probiotic as it acts as a food source. Inulin has other health benefits like intestinal health and heart health.

    This Weight Loss Supplements Bundle includes a total of 210 capsules.