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DSO L-Methylfolate(5-MTHF) 15mg Active B9 90 Capsule - Smart for Life
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DSO L-Methylfolate(5-MTHF) 15mg Active B9 90 Capsule


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    • ACTIVE FOLATE THAT WORKS - our l-methylfolate powerful formula contains the ingredients necessary for your body to properly utilize folic acid, also known as Vitamin B9.
    • PURE MAXIMUM STRENGTH - many supplements contain fillers and other inactive ingredients you just don't need in your supplement. DSO's products contain only the purest ingredients, maximizing strength and folate absorption.
    • FIND REAL STRESS RELIEF - to find optimal health, using active folate B9 can help relieve stress while also improving mood.
    • ASSIST IN DNA SYNTHESIS AND REPAIR* - inadequate levels of active folate b9 have been linked to diseases, our l-methylfolate may help to prevent the chance of folic acid-related diseases.*
    • ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGING - we care about the environment, and we think you do too!

    Did you know that millions of people worldwide have a genetic variation that impairs their ability to properly utilize Folic Acid (also known as Vitamin B9), and they don’t even know they have it? 

    Doctors Scientific Organica uses the active ingredients needed to help your body properly absorb important B Vitamins. Inadequate levels of these ingredients have been linked to childhood leukemia, breast cancer, colon cancer and more. Our powerful Methylfolate can assist with DNA synthesis and repair, helping to prevent and reduce the chance of Folic Acid-related diseases.* 

    Other possible Methylfolate benefits:

    Anxiety Relief*

    DNA Synthesis & Repair*

    Prevent Low Folate Levels which can lead to stomach and liver issues.* 

    All our products are Made in the USA in an FDA and GMP Facility and third-party safety tested for purity. 

    Doctor Scientific Organica is a modern apothecary combining the good of the past with the science of the present. With doctor-designed products and innovative, low footprint packaging - we're changing the way customers buy supplements.