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Hunger Block Appetite Suppressant - Smart for Life
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Hunger Block (Appetite Suppressant)

Take control of your hunger with Smart for Life Hunger Block appetite suppressant supplement. By taking this supplement 1 to 3 times a day 30 minutes before consuming your meal. This doctor-designed supplement contains a  blend of natural ingredients that work to help suppress your appetite naturally. 

  • CONTROL HUNGER* – our natural formula helps control hunger for a full day so you can diet without struggle.
  • BLOCK CRAVINGS* - cravings are one of the biggest reasons people cheat on their diets. With Hungerblock, you’ll be helping stop nasty sugar cravings that can end up derailing your diet.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS* - our doctor-designed formula contains natural ingredients that help control hunger, block cravings, and most of all, make it easier to successfully diet.
  • EASY TO USE – take Hunger Block 30 minutes before you typically get hungry during the day for best results

Block Hunger with Smart for Life's Hungerblock! 

What's the most difficult aspect of a diet? Is it the temptation of chocolate desserts...or maybe the meal planning...or maybe just feeling like you can't do the things you used to be able to? In our opinion, hunger beats out all of them and leads to giving in to the temptations you face. Dr. Sass Moulavi, a renowned Bariatric Physician designed Hungerblock to do exactly that, block hunger. With a carefully crafted formula of natural ingredients, we've created a product that helps you block those nasty cravings that can lead to you cheating on your diet or giving it up altogether. From Dr. Sass many clients, he knows that hunger is one of the #1 reasons people can't stay on a diet. Isn't it time to address the biggest reason your diet could be failing? 

How it Works:

You must take it about 30 minutes before you generally get hungry. HungerBlock, being a natural supplement, enables you to take it in the evening, as it will not interfere with your sleep. If you are a person who tends to snack after dinner; a tablet immediately after dinner will help to prevent that behavior.