Vanessa Success Story

Vanessa Success Story

The reality is that life can sometimes get in the way. Whether it’s with a new job, a new little member of the family, or even a relationship status, committing to a healthy lifestyle can become the least of your worries. Many times when people set the goal to take charge of their weight loss, the tasks of their everyday lives can oftentimes clash with this set of new priorities they’ve made for themselves.

When starting your weight loss journey, it all comes down to what you truly want for yourself in the present and future. The ultimate goal is to be able to look back on your accomplishments and thank yourself for taking that chance and committing to a better and healthier you, and with our latest success story Vanessa, she did just that. In 2009, weighing in at 260 lbs, Vanessa began her first round of the Smart for Life program. After her mother introduced her to Smart for Life in Montreal, “she said to me - it's time to focus now. 8 short months later... I was a whole new me.“ Vanessa continues, “this program saved my life then - and is helping me get my self identity back now.” 

Vanessa shares, “In 2021 after the birth of my second child I wanted to lose my post-baby weight. With Smart for Life I was able to lose about 40 lbs in three months. Two protein bars and one protein shake, followed by 1 healthy meal of lean protein and vegetables a day allowed me to achieve my goal. I experienced postpartum and some family struggles over COVID and stopped my journey shortly after beginning. 2023, I have returned to the program to lose weight for good.” 

Even when life gets in the way, it’s important to stay true to yourself and your health. And just like Vanessa, you can conquer whatever life throws your direction and still lose weight the SMART way! 


Congratulations Vanessa on your success and for never giving up on your goals, you’re a true inspiration! 


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