Silas Success Story

Silas Success Story

Every weight loss journey begins with a purpose. Whether it's simply to lose weight, change habits or alter a lifestyle, it’s essential to plan out tangible steps to achieve your goals. Changing your lifestyle is a very drastic change you must be willing to adapt to. Prioritizing your health and overall well-being shouldn’t be overlooked. Our recent Smart for Life success story, Silas, is an inspirational example of what happens when you put your health and wellness first.

Silas shared his experience stating, “ I consider myself to be a reasonably disciplined person, but I've had weight issues ever since I was seven years old, in part due to genetics but also in part to lifestyle choices. My weight has gone up and down, and I've tried a vast range of diets. This isn't the first time I've used Smart for Life cookies and protein bars.”

Silas continues, “ I've reliably lost weight using these remarkably filling and delicious products. Unfortunately, the previous times were during the height of the stress and uncertainty of the COVID pandemic, and, due to no fault or flaw with the Smart for Life program, I slid back into emotional and comfort eating. Earlier this year, I found myself unpleasantly plump(er) with a nasty shock: markedly elevated blood sugar. As health issues are among my strongest anxiety triggers, I became terrified that I was on the express path to diabetes and knew

I had to do something - fast. This meant losing weight quickly and sustainably while keeping a close watch over my macronutrients, namely fat and carbs (especially sugars). After getting a head start with some low- carb options, on October 23 (at 242 lbs) I decided to turn to the tried and true Smart for Life products and was reassured that they have been developed in part by a bariatric specialist and are suitable for diabetics.”

He adds, “I started eating six cookies spread out throughout the day, usually with a small high-protein meal and multivitamin, plus plenty of no-calorie liquids, to supplement them.” he says, “I also embarked on a very regular exercise program. I also bought a blood glucose meter to track my daily numbers. To my relief, the weight started coming off. After about a week on the diet. I started to test my blood sugar. I was surprised to see near-normal and solidly normal readings, a trend that has continued! I was also delighted that the cookies didn't spike my blood sugar significantly. Today is December 5, and my weight is now at 218 lbs (98.9 kg),

the lowest I've been in about a decade! Psychologically, it's wonderful to be under the 100 kg mark, and I'm  determined to make this weight-loss journey a one-way trip. My most recent blood sugar reading was squarely in the middle of normal, and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize this progress, which I aim to continue until I reach my goal weight. This time, it's not just about looking good in summer clothes or even moving around more comfortably and energetically, but also about health, now and in the future.”

Smart for life commends you, Silas, for all your hard work and dedication to reaching your goals and putting your trust in our products to achieve your health dreams. Keep up the excellent work! 

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*People following the Smartforlife program can expect to lose on average 1-2 pounds per week. Results may vary.

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