No BS, Just Sass: Can Super Fiber Help You Lose Weight?

Super fiber is 8 to 9 x more effective than regular fiber at decreasing sugar and cholesterol levels!

Have you found your fiber routine to be tedious, unreliable, and/or satisfying? Are you reluctant to start your fiber program because you dread the taste of those boring and unflavorful powders on the market? Well, forget everything you know about fiber! It’s time to ditch your regular fiber supplements or powders, because Smart for Life products are made with something special. Founder Dr. Sass Moulavi has incorporated a unique fiber called Super Fiber into our foods.

We look to incorporate fiber into our diets for a variety of reasons. We want regularity in our day, as well as consistent nutrition to keep supporting our heart and overall health. Dr. Sass found that this “super fiber” is eight to nine times more effective than regular fiber at decreasing sugar and cholesterol levels. It’s actually been seen that sugars come down significantly when taking super fiber versus other fibers. So how does it work?

In a controlled study using hamsters and hamburger meat, a group of the animals were given burgers with regular fiber and the other group ate super fiber burgers. They were closely monitored over a six week period. We then examined the fat accumulation in the livers of the hamsters. With the super fiber group, there was no fat accumulation. The fiber was eliminated by trapping it and expelling it naturally. Ingesting super fiber is also a great preventative measure to killers like fatty liver disease.

Here at Smart for Life, we are continuously researching new ways to deliver the delicious and reliable products you love while improving your lifestyle. Let us do the work; you enjoy! Shop Smart, Live Smart.

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